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Application Service Provider (ASP) solution

It seems some business solutions constantly strive to bring you “more.” At Apptrino, we promise “less”— as in less hassle and fewer disruptions to your business. And “less” can be used to describe our pricing, too.

Why ASP?

The Application Service Provider model (ASP) allows customers to enjoy all the benefits of a professionally-run IT shop without the high costs and unpredictability. We have built a comprehensive, rigorously-tested system called CORES that serves as the backbone of our application service offering. Using our systems and staff instead of building out and maintaining your own can dramatically improve your costs while it frees you up to work on your business, not on computer systems, software licenses, related maintenance, etc.

Other benefits:

  • Less hassle for your IT staff – we do the installation, maintenance, upgrades and monitoring
  • Guaranteed uptime / fewer disruptions for your employees and clients
  • Better access for your remote employees and road warriors – login to a secure, always-on website
  • Backups and off-site storage of your data – we ensure its integrity and security
  • Simpler budgeting

  • Less hassle for your IT staff

    Client/server solutions may require your IT staff to spend time installing and upgrading software and ensuring that everybody has the right hardware for running the application.
    With Apptrino, you don’t have these kinds of installation and maintenance issues. Users just log in on the internet. All you need is a web connection and a browser.

    Fewer disruptions for employees

    Because Apptrino Staffing & Recruiting Software runs on the internet and has no installation and maintenance issues, your non IT employees do not experience “down time” while they wait for maintenance and upgrades.

    Easier budgeting for technology

    With Apptrino Staffing & Recruiting Software, you’ll know how much you’re going to spend, and when, because you’re leasing the software. No surprises with sudden needs to upgrade.

    Better access for remote and distributed employees

    Log in and work from anywhere where you have an internet connection and password.
    That’s especially useful when your staff’s traveling or in remote locations as is often the case with contract staff.