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Specifically designed for recruiting agencies, temporary staffing organizations and corporate HR.

Recruiting & Staffing Solution

Apptrino Staffing & Recruiting Software Solutions aids in managing candidates, clients, contacts and job orders in a relational database. Hence Apptrino Staffing Software makes easy tasks of candidates, clients, employees and job order management enabling the staffing process more cost effective, simpler and easier.

Apptrino Staffing Software Solutions is the most important part for any staffing and recruiting company especially for staffing agencies who are providers of specialized staffing solutions, Recruiting companies, contract staffing solutions and skill tracking service providers .These types of companies require specially designed office automation tools that can support them in contract staffing and man power sourcing services which in turn they are providing.
So such companies prefer using popular outsourced payroll solutions and use the best recruiting software which can be interfaced and integrated with these systems for the best possible results.

Apptrino Staffing Software helps you in identifying, placing and reserving candidates for contract and temporary placements. Apptrino Staffing Software Solutions also assists in activity management, reporting, scheduling, skill tracking and reporting.